Y’all… the ENT told me that I’d be “sore” and “uncomfortable” when we decided it was time to rid myself of my tonsils. The two buggers were touching in the back of my throat, causing swallowing and snoring issues, as well as a constant sore throat for the past year (in the middle of a pandemic, talk about incessant anxiety).

That man, that kind sweet, amazing doctor. Lied to me. The past two weeks have been unadulterated hell. Had I know that my uvula (not to be confused with other strangely spelled glands on the female form) would swell so large I choked, that the pain would be so excruciating I’d pop pain killers like candy and barely get out of bed, and the litany of other gross things might happen… I’d have told him he was crazy and stayed the way I was.

I didn’t. I went with it. We got lucky though and during recovery, they let Mr. Scott into the room with me. He and #bestkidever have been amazing. But the real all star in my recovery, is Mama Scott. My mother is the most amazing person ever. From soft scrambled eggs, to doing all my laundry, she’s been there every step of the way. So, if you ever run into Mama Scott (on FB, at a conference, wherever) give her a socially distanced air high five or pat on the back. She deserves it. I love her.

Just before the surgery from hell (and I’m recovering, I can finally swallow without tears and last night I ate a donut) I had the best news. My first Indie Release, the AWARD WINNING Black Water Magic released on Kindle Unlimited. Paperbacks are on the way, I’ll be working on that this week. But for now, you can check it out on Kindle (or for free on KU) here: https://amzn.to/3tdemQk.

Also, my lovelies, I have a pretty awesome event coming up with a bunch of cool romance and romance adjacent authors participating. Join the event, check it out, and get ready to win some really cool prizes! https://www.facebook.com/events/765329237419011/

Cheers and Happy Reading! ~ LC

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