Black Water Magic

Witches, demi-demons, and a cursed ghost? All in a day’s work. Teagan Blackwater’s biggest problem used to be hiding her relationship with a demi-demon from her grandmother, Nola, the most powerful witch in all of Florida.

When Nola is murdered, Teagan learns how insignificant her secret really was. And how rare it is she only had the one. Firewater Springs is a small town, and every one of its residents seems to have secrets of their own. Including the friendly cop Teagan had a crush on in high school and the Demi-demon she’s been sleeping with.

But the person with the most secrets was Nola herself, and Teagan needs to unravel them to break a curse and solve Nola’s murder. It’s no secret Teagan doesn’t feel up to the task, but she is the new Swamp Witch of Firewater Springs, so what choice does she have?

Carnival of Shadows

Come one. Come all.

Still reeling from the death of her grandmother and adjusting to her inheritance: the powers of the Swamp Witch, Teagan already has enough on her plate. Add in one demi-demon biker ex, one teenaged witch with more powers than brains, and maybe-dating the most dangerous guy she’s ever met (and considering her ex, that’s saying something!) — Teagan has more than enough going on.

Then the carnival comes to town.

Teagan is left to defend the residents of Firewater Springs against a literal freakshow full of paranormal beings, and a demon ringmaster who wields a power that, in the middle of battle, could turn her allies against her.

Unless Teagan manages to do it first, all by herself.